Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mr. Gibbles on the Way!

Morning all!

I have just finished up this children's poem to your left! We are very excited about Mr. Gibbles. It's a story about a little guinea pig. I have owned the odd little pet over the years. They are funny little things, each with their own personalities. This poem has a wee twist in it for the wee ones! The twist I have found to be very true.

Right now, I own a sunfire hamster named Baby. Baby is a grumpy hamster. But...I play with him anyway. He squeaks at me when I take him out of his cage. If only he could just stay in his little bundle of chipped wood all day and never be disturbed. ---he wishes---


I will post as soon as Daren finishes up the illustrations!

Otherwise, I have been up to my usual, which is taking long drives out in the wilderness, capturing as many photos as possible. I have a big cross country drive ahead this summer. Maybe I will get lost and discover something magnificent.

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