Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Black Moor

I bought some fish and I want to share as these little guys are just so funny. I come over to the tank in the mornings to feed them and they just start going wild, wriggling about.

They are called Black Moors. And they are a type of goldfish that don't typically see very well. I call them googly eyes and they swim off kilter. The poor things!!! Anyway. I used to have fish when I was a kid and always enjoyed them, so I got these for my two. I want to get more fish, but I've been reading that it's best to leave them on their own or put in other goldfish that have similar eye problems, otherwise the better fish will eat all the food. I couldn't have them starving!!! EEK!!!

Their fins are pretty as they oogle about! Setting up the tank has been a task. I followed all the instructions, plopped the fish in and for the first few days I thought they would die. They were on the bottom, barely moving. I bought a heater and that seemed to perk them up. Now they are all over the place. Then the algae took over growing up the glass, water became cloudy. I have fixed this by doing weekly water changes and adding in BOB! Bob is a catfish. SCORE!!!
Ahhhh---fish ;) They give me ideas for another poem or two!!!.