Sunday, November 3, 2013

November Updates!

The leaves have changed. Loved this yellow tree down the street from me. Everyday I'd pass by and have to get a good look. We had a big wind storm yesterday and that cleared all the leaves off. They swirled along the streets inviting us out to dance. I stayed in as we lost power, only for a few hours though.

Up ahead we have The Christmas Butterfly, should be out in a few weeks! Then we move into December. I have another dog that will be coming out to play and the special edition of Three Wee Peas for December 25th! Definitely look for promotions and sales in the amazon store. It's a great time for it. I know I will be downloading music on BLACK FRIDAY. They have great deals on that day. I think I bought five albums last year.

Otherwise, enjoy the turkey!!! I may post again this month or in December, depends on my writing schedule. I do write novels under another name and that keeps me busy. Have a good one.

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