Sunday, October 21, 2012


Who likes witches? Me!!!

I dressed up as one last year for Halloween. I'd post that pic, but this one is better--haha.

This is the witch in our new Halloween release. She is casting a spell, calling on all the spooks of the night.

What is a witch? A witch is a woman who can cast spells. She has magic powers which can be used for good or evil. They are known to wear tall, black, pointy hats and a long black cloak and gown.

What would you do if you came across one? I'd probably be polite considering all the things they could conjure up on you in a moment's notice--turn you into a toad or a lizard. I'd ask to be a big fuzzy bunny. Please?

Witch costumes are very popular for Halloween and very easy to manage. You just need a hat, you could make one out of paper or buy one and you could use a black sheet for the cloak. Use your imagination.

I did some fun makeup for the look with dramatic eyes and pale skin. I skipped the green. I don't know. I don't quite suit it :)

Have fun with your witch costume if that's what you choose and don't forget your broom. How else are you going to streak across the night sky?

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