Tuesday, October 2, 2012


October is my absolute favorite month of the year. It has everything: sunny days, autumn leaves, great food, pumpkins, Halloween, and most of my fam's birthdays are this month. It really is very busy for us--good busy.

I'll be doing some fun themes this month on the blog and chatting about some characters. We also have our Halloween book coming out which should be done soon. I can't wait.  It contains a ghost!


This is a picture of a ghostly hand. This is my hand. I placed it against the wall and took a picture of it with a thermal camera. Red is hot. I left my heat signature there, unable to be seen with the naked eye. I did this because this is how I think of ghosts. They are there, but you may not be able to see them.

Now, what is a ghost exactly? It is the spirit or the soul of a deceased person or animal. Do they even exist? This is up for debate. Some believe in them and some do not. I suppose that is entirely up to you.

All I know is that they are interesting to think about. If you've ever seen one, it would be most memorable I imagine.

I've dressed up as a ghost for Halloween with the usual white sheet and cut out eyes. Why would this form be chosen for a ghost? As the ghost manifests, it may not take the full original shape of the person or animal. It could be as a mist or as a uneven form--a shadow. I think a sheet goes well to represent that. It's a very easy costume to do up for trick or treating as long as your mother okays the sheet. You wouldn't want to just go in the closet and pick out just anything. :)

Where do ghosts hang? Considering that a ghost used to be a person or an animal, they like to hang out where they lived when they were in the real world. This could be a house, this could be a place where they worked, or a special place they held dear. I figure if I was ever a ghost I would like to visit the Space Needle. That is where I got married. I love that place. Where would you go?

I think if I ever meet a ghost, I would probably scream--it would be very surprising and unexpected indeed. Have fun on your Halloween night! Watch out for those spooks!

Well, it's been fun chatting about ghosts today. See you next week!

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